Weekly Planner Guide

Below are your digital products to help you kick off 2018 right and make sure you get the absolute best use out of your gorgeous new stationery. Enjoy x

Small Steps Inspiration

  • Get moving - Choose a song and dance!
  • Choose one small space to declutter.
  • Turn off notifications on your phone.
  • Choose five staple weeknight dinners that you can prepare quickly and easily and put them on your fridge!
  • Declutter your friend, groups and pages on your social media feeds.
  • Give yourself permission to stop. To try and do nothing for fifteen minutes.
  • Commit to one small thing you’ve been putting off - like cleaning your desk.
  • Three times today, stop and take three really big deep breaths.
  • Drink at least a litre of water. Perhaps replace one drink of alcohol, caffeine, soft drink or juice with a water.
  • Add some fresh food to your day! Some greens or a piece of fruit.
  • Give your body something that makes it feel awesome, instead of something that gives it a bit of a sugar rush.
  • How can you strip back something that you’re doing in your life to make it easier for you to live well?
  • Accept the help that others so willingly want to give. Who can you accept help from today?
  • Let go of distracting, busy, guilty thoughts - and instead, think of something you’re grateful for.

Small Steps Mantra's

  • I love myself enough to honour how I’m feeling.
  • Power up to lead - what help do I need?
  • I believe in connecting and it being the foundation of a happy life.
  • I don’t choose chaos anymore. I don’t choose the overwhelm.
  • I can choose to be unjudgeable, because I can choose to be totally fine with where I’m at, and what I’m doing.
  • Life is an adventure. Let’s just give it a go.
  • We owe it to ourselves to recognise our own brilliance.
  • Just keep rising.
  • I do not have to play small.
  • It will all make sense.
  • You ARE beautiful.
  • Trust yourself.
  • The stuff that FEELS right – is right. Do more of it.
  • Everyone gets their cup filled, if everyone gets heard.
  • There’s lessons to learn in every situation.
  • Connect where we can, with the people that matter.
  • The answers are inside me, I just need to listen.
  • I can let fear win, or I can just jump anyway.

Your video inspiration

Make Self Love a Reality in your world

Any transformation that you are trying to make while telling yourself you’re a piece of s*%t is never going to turn out well…

Coming from a place of love for yourself makes all the difference. This video is a must watch. It explains exactly what I mean.

Small Step Instruction:

Grab at least ONE negative thought you have about yourself today. It might have something to do with ‘not enough’ - not fit enough, not slim enough, not a good enough mother, not a good enough wife/friend/daughter, not organised enough, not tidy enough.
Notice the thought and then say to yourself “I AM ENOUGH AND I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY”

A simple step for Reducing Stress

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my journey interviewing experts about health it’s this: No matter how well you are eating, if your body is stressed (watch the video to find out whether you are stressed) then you’re not going to be experiencing great health.

Full stop.

So here’s what I do when I feel the tension rise. I take a really deep long breath.

That is it. That’s your small step for today. Can you take a minute or two out of your day to take the pressure down.

It might seem too small, too easy - what will it change?! Well, if we can start to give our bodies signals that we are safe then so much will work better. Appetite, digestion, hormones - plenty shifts when we reduce stress.

Watch the video. Take a breather.

Small Step Instruction:

Three times today, stop and take three really big deep breaths.