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You made my year and saved my life 🙂 I felt so overwhelmed until I came across your original decluttering challenge. I am a mum of four (11, 10, 8 & 10 months) and also lost another child a few years ago. Due to the loss I shut down and just started doing everything and just plodding along after bub was born. It got to a point where I forgot who I was but thanks to you I have clawed some back, enrolled in my dream course of nutritional medicine, gained clarity and focus and rediscovered my love of craft.

Considering two months ago I wanted to die I can safely say you saved my life and have given me and my family a new energy and drive.

I love your programs and appreciate greatly what you have done for me. Words will never be enough.


I had just had my second baby, my husband was working away a lot and we both run our own small business. I was becoming very stressed, overwhelmed and some times angry at my family. Small Steps Back to You came around at the perfect time for me and for us as a family, my husband also completed some of the exercises with me. It helped us to see what our values are, what we wanted in life and how we could make small changes to achieve it. After completing the course I feel more calm and focused. I'm enjoying being a mummy and stressing way less about things. Thank you Lisa and Team this course has really helped me get back to what matters.



I love Lisa, and her small steps approach. Making things manageable, being kinder to yourself, recognising that no one is doing it perfectly... all of these make her approach one that is truly life changing. She is giving women a voice, more energy, and freedom. I really recommend her work to any woman trying to ease the burdens of motherhood and bring a bit more joy back into their lives. Small steps - life-changing outcomes.

Samantha - Mother of Charlie


Lisa has an amazing ability to break it down and offer practical strategies for helping the overwhelming challenges of motherhood, food and living simply. Lisa serves up a great reminder that we are all facing the same stuff at any given time. She has created the ‘village’ we are missing in the online space and brings it all together and a really fun way! She’s beautifully human and has a powerful presence in reminding us to return back to our own best selves. She rocks!

Alisa Latto - 123 Nourish Me

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