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Ep 04, Lisa Corduff: Making Time to Fill Your Own Cup

In this episode, Lisa talks about the importance of making time to fill your own cup…

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Ep 03: Christine Egan on Redefining Healthy

Lisa interviews Christine Egan author of The Healthy Girls Guide to Breast Cancer, on what healthy…

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Ep 02: Lisa Talks Willpower

Throughout Lisa’s experience helping people achieve lifestyle changes she’s learnt a fair bit about willpower. Learn…

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Ep 01: Karly Nimmo from Karlosophies Talks Success

Lisa interviews Karly on her journey from ‘bogan roots’ to successful entrepreneur. What success means to…

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Ep 00, Lisa Corduff: Small Steps Living the Podcast

When you’re seeking lifestyle transformation and you’ve tried the all-or-nothing approach to no avail, come and…

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