Failing at


Perfection is getting in your way!

Hey you.

I know the kids are rejecting the healthy recipes you try.

I know you feel stretched and pulled in all directions.

I know there’s no time for you.

I know that you are desperate to put into practice the ‘healthy living’ tips and meals that you find online (and in your mountain of recipe books!)

I know you sometimes feel so far from the woman who values health and the health of her kids highly.

So let me help.

I’m Lisa Corduff

and I help people improve their lives - but not with those weird ‘8-weeks until fab and fit’ kind of promises that no one can ever achieve. I go slow. We take small steps. The change is achievable and it sticks.


get your Groove Back:

5 Simple Steps to reconnecting with your Cha Cha.

I’ve created this FREE mini-course so you can experience the Small Steps difference.


Here’s what will happen:

- You’ll make some simple changes (and feel awesome)
- You’ll get a bit of momentum (and want to make more)
- You’ll realise change is ACHIEVABLE
- You’ll realise changing old habits can actually be enjoyable
- That voice in your head? She might start being kind to you

All that is possible for free … right now
...for you
Bring it?


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