Keep it simple

Make it Tasty

a week of wholefoods

with lisa corduff


We make the most awesome commitments to our health, don’t we?

I do it all the time….

“Right, that’s it - no more bread!”

“I’m getting up every morning this week to go for a walk”

“Chocolate - get lost - we are OVER!”

Or we think we’ll follow a certain fad and we do really great and then, well, you know….

Oh we are so all in this together. We are on a rollercoaster ride of craziness when it comes to committing to our health and eating wholesome food.

The big crazy commitments are really hard to sustain. Especially when you’re dealing with fussy toddlers, hormonal teenagers, over-commitment, under-sleeping - URGH! It’s all too much.

Wouldn't it be awesome for someone else to think about what you need to eat for a week?

To have it all mapped out so that you can just buy what you need, prepare some stuff ahead and a weeks worth of healthy food is ready to go?


If so, read on

Almost every woman I talk to needs 2 things: (and I talk to a lot of women - I’ve taken over 1,000 women through my Small Steps to Wholefoods online program)

1) Food ideas (yes, I know how many cookbooks you own - but seriously - WHAT TO EAT!? )

2) The support and kick up the bum to stay on track (making changes is ALWAYS more fun with a friend!).

And that’s exactly why I created Keep it Simple.

Honestly, when was the last time you felt amazing about your food choices? Do you hit 5pm every day and think “what’s for dinner?” Or do you grab toast and a coffee for breakfast because there is just no time?

You totally deserve to feel great.

Keep it Simple is a nine-day program.

Two days to prepare food and shop and then seven days of wholefood eating along with me!

The beauty of Keep it Simple is that you can do it TWO ways:



Choose your meals from the 40 delicious recipes I provide - these are simple, nourishing and delicious wholefoods meals that my family enjoys. Ten recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.




A sample menu plan - otherwise known as ‘a week in the life of Lisa Corduff!’ - is provided for you. Just follow along with the meals I suggest and see how easy it can be.

We’ll totally nail this week. You’ll be serving up delicious food like never before!

Each day I’ll appear in your inbox with a short video to keep you on track. I’ll cover topics like - willpower, food variety, preparation, and priorities.

And look what the gorgeous Dr Rach said about it:


"Keep it Simple is a delightful simple and fun way to start your health journey. In clinic I often see patients overwhelmed with information and confused about where to start to improved their wellbeing. Most are taking multiple supplements and get bogged down with complex theories on gut health and biochemical or genetic deficiencies. The most powerful change comes from getting back to basics and taking simple steps to allow your body to re-balance and heal itself. Lisa's got it right, no nonsense,' just get rid of all the crap', and I happily recommend this and her Small Steps program to all my mums"

Dr Rach, MD and Naturopath

How it Works

The seven-days of wholefoods actually begins on Sunday - but we need to get prepared first, right?

FRIDAY - we prepare You’ll receive:

  • A short video pep talk from me
  • All forty recipe ideas
  • A gorgeous menu planner (for you to fill out)
  • A sample menu plan (all done for you!)

SATURDAY - we shop You’ll receive:

  • A shopping list template
  • My Pantry Staples checklist
  • A video about sourcing food
  • Links to suppliers

SUNDAY - we cook You’ll receive:

  • A short kick-off video
  • How to set yourself up for a week of success
  • A list of the meals you need to prepare today to make the week a breeze!

MONDAY - SATURDAY You’ll receive:

  • A three-minute video each day to keep you on track
  • A list of meals being eaten that day and what you need to prepare ahead for the next day
  • Inspiration and extra tips



What are you waiting for?

We kick off soon!
Now Available: Gluten-Free Menu Plan