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Declutter Challenge

Over five days I'll deliver you five simple and HUGELY effective decluttering tools.

Designed specifically for the modern mum who feels over-scheduled, distracted, like she has NO TIME and there's nowhere to hide amongst the chaos.


Taking small steps we will -

  • Reduce your mental load AKA brain clutter!
  • Clear your physical space (but only the spaces that REALLY matter - and they might surprise you)
  • Remove distraction and save you precious time each day

Let’s kick overwhelm to the curb. And get you feeling on top of things.

Don't stay stuck in your rut - the Challenge begins Sunday October 8!


Hi, I’m Lisa Corduff and I’m a mum of three young kids and I run my own business at I’m pretty scattered and chaos used to be my middle name. Until I embraced it and found tools to reduce the ‘noise’ in my life. I created this Challenge for you (and me!) x

Lisa Corduff (formally known as Lisa "Chaos" Corduff )- CEO, Small Steps Living

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