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And you’re doing yourself a HUGE favour

If we haven’t met, I’m Lisa, a mother of three young kids living in Melbourne, Australia whose life is as full as anyone else. For about 15 years I lived on coffee and toast for breakfast. And then I realised I could have way more energy, fewer sick days and stable moods if I cut the crap out of my diet and ate basic wholefoods.

I don’t do it perfectly, I don’t feel guilty about that either.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Here’s how to prepare for the challenge:


BORING (but necessary) STUFF

Head to your inbox NOW and make sure you put the confirmation email in your Primary Folder (gmail users) and add to your contacts. Inboxes are tricky these days so let’s make sure that the breakfast info gets to you. You want to make sure I’m not marked as spam.



Commit to 10 minutes per day for five days to watch a short video. This challenge is not going to have you slaving over the stove or preparing for hours on the weekend. Here at Small Steps Living we are all about SIMPLE, DELICIOUS and AFFORDABLE wholefoods.



These things are way more fun to do with a friend! If you know someone who needs to change the way they do breakfast - the Breakfast Challenge is for her and she’ll love that you’ve let her know about it.

Share the challenge with her now and then come and join our Facebook Group!

Let’s do this for YOU!

See you on Sunday 26!

Lisa x