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Hi, I’m Lisa Corduff. Mother, wholefoods blogger and presenter, dedicated to helping real families take small steps towards healthy, happy lives.

I didn’t always find it easy to nourish my family (or myself for that matter!). Then a simple change in approach totally transformed my life...

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Small Steps Success Stories


Mum of 1

Becci thought healthy living was too expensive, too hard and had too much to learn. Plus - her husband would never eat it! Since the switch her family has cut the takeaway, finds “food” easier and lost 12 kgs in the process!

Meet the

Small steps experts

Get the best information from the leading experts in wellbeing today (and let me ask all the silly questions!)

Nat Kringoudis

Wonder why you suffer from bloating? I interview the amazing Nat K and got amazing insights into why we bloat.

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Do your kids suffer techno tantrums? Are you concerned about the role of technology in their lives? Dr Kristy has all the answers!

Kate Callaghan

Want the lowdown on carbs? I ask Kate about the good, the bad and the downright confusing!