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Declutter Challenge

I think we are experiencing an epidemic of clutter - and not just physical clutter. It’s the relentless mind chatter that often gets me.

It's the constant 'what's next' thought. From the moment I wake in the morning I am thinking about what's next. I'm always in my head worrying about the next meal, the next pick up or drop off, the next job to do...

When I let those thoughts take over - it isn’t a nice place to be...

Chasing my tail
Overwhelmed all the time
Feeling like I can’t give anyone or anything in my life 100% - least of all me.

The overwhelm starts to show in my relationships and in my health (especially my poor adrenals).

But I’ve developed some simple decluttering tools, for both my physical and mental spaces, which have helped me create a life that feels good. It’s not always perfect, but when I do these things - it’s simpler.


More nourishing.

Back in July, I shared five of these tools with almost ten thousand brave souls who signed up for a life decluttering challenge. I STILL get messages from them, talking about how these little things have changed their life - and I’m loving it sick.

So: I’ve created this decluttering bundle for them. And you. And myself...because I totally need to come back to basics sometimes.

Ten simple decluttering tools, for massive impact. Designed for busy mums who don’t have time to feng shui their entire house, or consider ten minutes of uninterrupted silence while they fold the laundry absolute bliss.

You get:

  • the first five decluttering steps, to work through when you can (one a day for five days, or knock a few out during nap time - whatever works for you). Simple, practical things you can do to feel more clear in your head and in your home.
  • five brand new decluttering tools, that I use regularly in my own life. These ones are designed to take the overwhelm out of nights and mornings - so you’re not losing (as much!) sleep to stress and “mum guilt.”
  • access to a supportive Facebook group, where you can chat with other women on the same journey as you - and check out some of the ways they’ve navigated and benefited from the tools in the challenge.

To make sure it’s accessible to everyone - the whole declutter bundle is just $9.95. You get lifetime access, so you can keep coming back to these tips whenever you need them (...personally, I need them pretty much daily).


Let’s kick overwhelm to the curb. And get you feeling on top of things.

Kicking off Monday 21st August

NOTE: This purchase will give you access to all TEN Declutter Tips!

WARNING: These exercises were not created by a naturally organised A-Type personality.


Hi, I’m Lisa Corduff and I’m a mum of three young kids and I run my own business at smallstepsliving.com. I’m pretty scattered and chaos used to be my middle name. Until I embraced it and found tools to reduce the ‘noise’ in my life. I created this Challenge for you (and me!) x

Lisa Corduff (formerly known as Lisa "Chaos" Corduff ) - CEO, Small Steps Living

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