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If you feel like sitting down to eat a proper lunch is something people do when they don’t have kids (remember those lazy morning coffees?)...

If takeaway has become a habit that you don’t know how to break...

If you feel like you’re failing at food, and are about to give up even trying...

I’ve put something together for you. It’ll help you to make sure that food (and family life!) feels totally different in 2018.

The Small Steps Bundle is available for FOUR DAYS ONLY. My best tools and resources, at a never to be repeated price.

Here’s what you get…….


Think eating wholefoods for a week is impossible for someone with a busy life - and fussy family?

This ground-breaking program is the SIMPLEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to start fresh with food (leaving guilt and overwhelm behind you!), and put together a week of healthy, wholesome foods the kids will actually eat (tried and tested on my own kids).


You get:

  • A shopping list
  • preparation guide
  • 40 recipes to choose from
  • cooking videos
  • daily inspiration that helps you feel confident and relaxed.

No other program makes it this easy.


Next round kicks off Friday - and you have access for life!

Value $97

Small Steps Mindset Course

  • Do you think ‘mindfulness’ is for people without kids (or hippies)?
  • Are you ‘stuck’ in your life and you’re not sure why you just can’t break the cycle (even though you know you should)?
  • Do you crave particular foods and wonder why (when you KNOW they just make you feel like crap)?
  • Do you wish you could start being your own best friend?
    Listen to my FOUR TOP Mindset interviews and starting changing those habits NOW!

Value $97

Small Steps Dinner Series


This five day program will walk you through exactly how to create nourishing and delicious wholefoods dinners for your family (without multiple trips to the health food shop, or spending all day in the kitchen). Expect cooking demo videos and stack of mouth-watering recipes along with snippets from a collection of my best Expert Interviews.

You won’t do dinner the same in 2018!

Value $97

Meal Plan Cover

Wholefoods family meal-plan

Delicious recipe ideas, put together in a stunning week-long family menu plan (one week of no thinking about dinner? Yes, please…)
There’s gluten free, dairy free and vego options - you’ll come back to this plan time and time again, when your brain desperately needs a break.

Value $39

Baking Cover

Wholefoods Baking eBook

A beautiful ebook full of recipes to help you up your baking game for afternoon teas, lunchboxes and birthday parties (or just those days when you desperately need cake). Simple, delicious, and even better, free of all the nasties you find in packets.

Value $9.95


Lunchbox Idea's ebook

Inside the pages of this ebook you'll find my top 5 tips for lunchbox success keeping it healthy AND easy. Includes my lunchbox prep hack, our favorite recipes plus how to instantly 'healthify' sandwiches.


Value $9.95

So let’s break this down

The Ultimate Bundle includes:


Lisa’s Easy Kitchen Reset program


Small Steps 5-Day Dinner Series


Small Steps Mindset Mini-Course


Stunning one week wholefoods meal plan


Small Steps Wholefood Baking eBook


Small Steps Lunchbox eBook

Not $349.90

That’s a saving of $252.90!!